Get Out And Vote

by Keshco

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On General Election day in the UK, here's a little gift to help you slice through the spin and swerve. For anyone with a socialism of the heart.


released May 7, 2015

Written and played by Andy Brain, Luke Sample and Bob Follen
Guest keyboard by Alex Sample
Kitchen Shuffle lyrics mostly by Drew Walton

Front cover portrait: Tony Benn, by Bob Follen (for Bob Art Models)




Keshco London, UK

Free-wheeling left-leaning home of sounds by Bleak House, Keshco, Simon Waldram and more. Our releases encompass library music, psychedelia, folk, chiptunes and flange. Most of these are Creative Commons licensed. Always excited to hear when our pieces are used in your productions, so do let us know.

Keshco: Friends who play psychedelia, synthpop, folk, cut-ups, jingles. Homemade since 1994!
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Track Name: Oh What A Ding-Dong
Roll up, roll up, roll up! Anybody got a roll up? It is my dubious honour, as the executive officer of these here parts, to introduce the candidates for the vacant seat on the council of Kesh County. Ladies and women: in the beige corner, Peregrine Bullingdon-Scythe of the Nasty Party. In the puce corner, Jack Dockleaf of the Workers' Alliance. In the mauve corner, Jeremy Soundbite of the Centre-Left Letdown. In the tartan corner, Mrs Tenacious Buzzard of the Scot-Free Party. In the grass-green corner, Ms Aorta Smokeone of the Earth Alliance. Now the contest will be decided by two falls, two submissions or a knock-out. May the deepest pocket win, and ideally have to resign double-quick so we can do it all over again. I hereby declare the contest open. Cue six weeks of interminable waffle. I thank you! Now - let's have a ding-dong.
Track Name: Stock Share Shuffle
How much tax do you pay in the pound?
Nothing, boy, nothing
What will you say when the people find out?
Shut it, boy shut it

It's a con! - you take the profits and you sneak them around
And it's wrong - Send them to the Caymans or the Swiss account
Doggone! - You write it off, seal it up, swindle it down
This is how it's done

How many friends do you have at the top?
Network, boy, network
How many boards can you sit on and scoff?
Notwork, boy, notwork

It's a con! - you mess up something that the public should own
And it's wrong! - You get a title and the pay-off's loads
Doggone! - You're just a cushy lickyspittle toad
This is how it's done

How are those shite-hawks staying in jobs?
Contacts, boy, contacts
Lovely golden handshake if they have to run off
Contracts, boy, contracts

You're hired! - you gotta sell to stay ahead of the game
You're fired! - can't feel no empathy, can't feel no shame
You're retired! - the perks and benefits that you retain
This is how it's done

Don't peek behind the curtain - don't knock upon the door
You don't want to see that view - sit still now, obey the law
Don't organise a sit-in - don't march don't fret don't carp
You don't want to see the strings - leave off boy, stop having a laugh
Leave off boy, stop having a laugh
Leave off boy, stop having a laugh
You're whaat??
Shit shuffle shoes
(shoe shining shite)
Track Name: Lend For Free
Terrible choices perpetuate need
Act on conscience
Lend for free
Track Name: Circus Wagons
Riding on the battlebus
Silly bleeders - awful leaders
Spin the wheel until it locks
Stay dead centre, cull dissenters

Back it up, back it up, back it up
Ease it off, ease it off, ease it off
Simmer down, simmer down, simmer down
Ride it out, ride it out, ride it out

Slide and spin and scuff it up
Queer quote squabble, John Blunt trouble
Scour the bin and rake the muck
Mic leak stumble, tired slog mumble
Sink the pinkos, down the pound
Beat a retreat, whitewash defeat
Overtake and overhaul
Change what's working, break and cave in

Speed it up, speed it up, speed it up
Slow it down, slow it down, slow it down
Shut it off, shut it off, shut it off
Ride it out, ride it out, ride it out

Scramble damage poor control
We'll do more with less than before
Manifesto sleeperhold
Costings slated, obfuscated
Sell out any principle
Didn't rule in, didn't rule out
Talk the talk then dodge the fall
Protest muffle - top deck shuffle

Talk but say nothing at all
Deflect every battleball
Anodyne the prattlebus
Campaign might be good as lost
Wheel her in and fill her up
And off we go
Track Name: Kitchen Shuffle
If you've no room to cook your food, try this groove - the kitchen shuffle.
Don't get in a pickle if your kitchen's only ickle - do the kitchen shuffle.
If you need to place a booking for some time to do your cooking - do the kitchen shuffle.
If the reach-round to your grill leaves you ill - do the kitchen shuffle.

The kitchen shuffle is hard to beat
Swivel your hips, shuffle your feet
Reach down to the fridge, up to the shelf
Have a care now, it's good for your health

If there's no room to swing a cat in your dingy terraced flat - do the kitchen shuffle.
When you're looking for a plate but can't get round your housemate - do the kitchen shuffle.
No purchase to be had on a wipe-clean mat - do the kitchen shuffle.
If your steamer's boiling dry or you're poked in the eye - do the kitchen shuffle.
Now take it.

Come on without, come on within
We can't do nothing in our tiny kitchen

If you're irate cos your kitchen's in a state - do the kitchen shuffle
If you're in a stew cos your fridge is in the loo - do the kitchen shuffle.
If you need Inspector Gadget's hands to reach your pots and pans - shuffle.
If the tool the chef demands is knocked from your hands - ooff! - kerfuffle.

The kitchen shuffle is hard to beat
Swivel your hips, shuffle your feet
Reach down to the fridge, up to the shelf
Have a care now, it's good for your health

Get on the funky lino if you can.

Get on the lino if you can (repeat to end)

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